Cleaning Rental Radios

Radio Usage Graph

Rental and Managed Service Options

Through our Rental and Managed Service programs, CSE Comsource has been involved with the majority of resource sector construction projects in Australia over the past 15 years. From construction through to operations, CSE Comsource can design, supply, install and manage your communication system through our rental management program.

Whilst predominately offering two-way radio rental managed services, CSE Comsource also provides outsourced rental solutions for Wireless Broadband Networks, Satellite Equipment and Marine Communications.

CSE Comsource is one of the largest radio rental management organisations in Australia with over 10,000 radios in our fleet. Whether the requirement is for five radios for a one day event or 2000 radios for a long term Managed Service Agreement, CSE Comsource can provide custom solutions to meet your communications needs.

As illustrated in the graph on the right (click to enlarge), in a typical construction project life cycle the demand for two way radios varies greatly compared to the demand during operations when the construction is complete. For this reason, rental of the project's communication requirements provides both a flexible and cost effective option.



The CSE Comsource Rental Managed Service offers the following benefits:

  • Free spare equipment
  • 24 hour equipment exchanges
  • 25% spare batteries
  • Ongoing equipment service and maintenance
  • 24 hour / 365 day support
  • Upgrade options to meet future demand
  • Caters for short term or long term requirements
  • Provides documentation and fleet reporting capabilities
  • Flexible invoicing methods
  • Preserves capital and provides 100% tax deductibility
  • Operational efficiencies realised through outsourcing
  • Fixed costs and no surprises

Rental vs Purchase Comparison

Total costKnown or Included in RentalUnknown Additional Cost
Cost of engineering a solution Tick Cross
Cost of procurement Tick Cross
Installation costs Tick Cross
Cost of spare radios and accessories Tick Cross
Programming of radios Tick Cross
Management of documentation Tick Cross
Battery analysing Tick Cross
Battery replacements Tick Cross
Downtime of equipment costs Tick Cross
Discounted repair rates Tick Cross
Cleaning and maintenance Tick Cross
50% of freight costs for repairs Tick Cross
Flexible qualities of equipment Tick Cross